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Noah Gibson

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2012

Current OccupationOwner


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

I spend my time divided by my two major interests. One might sound like this:

"Noah Gibson is a perfect representative of the young, contemporary Stockholm scene that up until now has generated cultural phenomena such as underground party The Office, analog techno outfit Skudge and Ryan Air's Sunday morning flight from Skavsta to Schönefeld. You'll find his motto, ”Get Gibsonized”, spray painted on a wall outside Berlin record store Hard Wax, and most importantly, you won't find anyone anywhere who can quite match this dj when it comes to carefully selecting timeless dance music and presenting it to the open minded dance floors of our age."

And the other like this:

"To work creatively means much more today than ever before. Combining technical challenges and design is required to make efficient ideas a reality – awareness within both areas are essential to my way of thinking. Being able to create new ideas is always important, together with an ability to welcome change."