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Nina Sandström

Current OccupationProgram Manager Digital Media Creative


Current LocationStockholm

Before the revelation you chop wood and carry water... After the revelation you chop wood and carry water

Hi! I'm Nina.

I joined Hyper Island in 2013, where I currently work as a learning designer, process facilitator and program manager for the Digital Media Creative program in Stockholm.

I am responsible for managing the content as well a the process for the program. Booking speakers, coordinating industry people as well as facilitating group processes. I also challenge, support, follow and organise the student journey both individually and in teams. I focus on group dynamics, leadership, responsibility, inclusion, social skills and effective communication.

My biggest motivation is change and development. Somebody told me my mission in life is to wake people up, like an alarm clock. I love to see people grow. I love to see people challenge themselves and come out stronger on the other side. I love to see people becoming the best version of themselves. I do what I do to be a part of that.

I'm also a Kaospilot, a mother, a swim teacher, an only child and half German.