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Nina Sandström

Current OccupationProgram Manager Digital Media Creative


Current LocationStockholm

Before the revelation you chop wood and carry water After the revelation you chop wood and carry water

A book I could read over and over is The Master and Margarita by Michail Bulgakov. I believe in many things including love, energy and karma. If I'm told I resemble someone, it i always either Feist, Charlotte Gainsbourg or Loreen. I value friendship, imagination, laughter, slowness and cava. My favourite Nintendo 8-bit game is Probotector (Contra). Learning process, personal growth and communication are some of my keywords. If I would end up on a desert island and only be allowed to eat one thing the rest of my life I would choose eggs. Three things on my bucket list are: to see a northern light, have a cottage in Dalarna and have another baby. I have been called mother, kaospilot, student, swim teacher, only child, team player and half german. Latest watched series Bloodline. It made me confused, disgusted and intrigued at the same time. If I were to start over today and study something new, I would become a goldsmith.