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Nina Amjadi

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2011

Current OccupationConsultant, Growth & Leadership


Current LocationLos Angeles, California

You can find me right at the intersection of creative technology, leadership and education.

I’m a creative and strategic consultant for businesses, brands and ad agencies.

I believe that every company can unlock its true potential and reach the height of their success when they are brave enough to identify challenges and ask for help. Transforming and helping companies get where they need to be is my true passion. Instead of telling companies how how they should solve their problems, I help create learning experiences that give them the skills, inspiration and tools to solve their own problems. ​ I'm also a full-time servant for my beautiful bulldog and fluffy cat.

Before consulting, I was Partner & Managing Director at the award winning digital agency Your Majesty Co., where I managed the production of excellent digital products and services for five years.