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Nathalie Trutmann

Current OccupationDirector of Latin America


Current LocationSão Paulo Area, Brazil

Helpless dreamer and adventure collector, journey and book addict, curious about the absurd and fascinating in our lives, happy mom and wife.

I recently joined Hyper Island as Director of Latin America recently to start our Learning Hub in Latin America with a focus in Brazil.

Previously lived many lives as innovation agent and entrepreneur in São Paulo, Central America, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka before landing in Brazil.

Before Hyper, I have worked as Innovation Director for FIAP, one of Brazil's top IT universities, to help in identifying the institution's future initiatives and transform their educational experience. 

Responsible for leading key partnership with Singularity University, and am currently Singularity University's Ambassador for Brazil and Chief Magic Advisor for FIAP. 

I also love to read and write, and am the author of ‘Handbook for Young Dreamers’ and 'The Mysterious Meaning of Money' and frequent guest speaker on topics such as innovation, creativity, motivation and entrepreneurship.

 I am committed to bringing more entrepreneurship and empowerment into education.