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Natalia Ruiz Olsson

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2016

Current OccupationDigital Media Specialist and Data analyst


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

Data is the digital truth serum of or time


Medium concept my fable

MyFable is an interactive story app for children. By making active choices, the children decides upon how the story will continue and there is always a range of possible endings to a story.

The goal was to provide children with an application which combines entertainment with education. Learning how to make your own choices and acknowledging that there are diffrent outcomes, depending on that choice, will make for a more aware and open society.


Medium lunchalogo

This is a work in progress!

Business or pleasure? Try both. LUNCHA combines your everyday business with the pleasures of good company. Add real value to your LinkedIn network by inviting your familiar strangers to lunch — and experience networking as it should be.


Natalia Ruiz, Pontus Börjesson, Antonia Moberg, Victor Fagerquist, Joel Lindblad, John Elgenstierna