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Moa Alneskog

ProgramLearning Designer & Facilitator, 2012

Current OccupationProject manager at Happyworks


Current LocationStockholm

"Together we will change the world by igniting a passion for learning that lasts for life." - Hyper Island

I'm a media producer, project manager, learning designer, facilitator, journalism, photographer and music neerd just so you know.

SISU Idrottsutbildarna and the concept Halvtid

The concept Halvtid is a physical and digital meeting place, where young people can share their interests and the core values of sports.

SISU wanted us to think horizontally when it comes to the interests of young people, which not only crosses the borders of all sports, but also social, digital, educational and cultural activities.


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Moodify is a bracelte that measures emoitions and feelings. By using the data that is collected, Moodify can use music and other things to enforce certain states of moods. You can also use the data that is collected to maximize the acyual music experience.


Worked with Adamskys culture