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Mira Bergsell

ProgramInteractive Art Director, 2015

Current OccupationInteractive Art Director student


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden


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Brief: To provide Försäkringskassan with a future vision on how they can work with digital public services and meet their users needs in the future.

Solution: "S+" -A lifelong personal platform for each Swedish citizen to handle all their governmental interactions

We believe that making people self-confident and in charge their own lives would not only benefit them, but also Sweden over time. Through integrated technology we would give them the tools to handle their daily life in a secure and easy way. With digital devices like smartphones, smart watches, tablets etc. they will be able to manage their lives through platform, anywhere and anytime.

S+ in short


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Brief: “Use the entire class of 54 interactive art directors to create something, anything, in two weeks to go viral.” – Tomas Mazetti.

Solution: Beatballs, the site that allows you to taste your favourite songs. Each song will be analyzed to measure tempo, cadence, mood, key and other variables to create a unique recipe. The project was mentioned in PSFK, W+K Amsterdam blog, Swedish magazine Nöjesguiden who wanted Beatballs to win a MTV digital award for most creative music project, BBC radio, creators project, Resumé and several websites all over the world, from Brazil to Japan.

Ear lickin' good teaser with faboulus voice over.

"The Machine"