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Less Is More

My name is Max Less, I make ideas grow.

My skills include:

  • Developing and improving web experience using html, css and javascript/jquery.
  • Creating beautiful presentations and data visualisations using d3, powerpoint, excel and keynote.
  • A qualified Google Analytics individual competent going beyond analysing top-line figures and delving deep into user experience and marketing effectiveness.
  • Whether needing to sketch out ideas or close deals with stakeholders I make sure the communication and bottom line is clear.

Right now I'm looking for exciting new opportunities, lets get in touch and check out my work at .

Don't hesitate to ask me any questions.

Data Hack Fest

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The Digital Data Strategist students at Hyper Island are excited and proud to invite their fellow creative problem solvers and other bright brains, to a very special day of creative collaboration. And everyone is invited to the showcase.

We want to push the boundaries of what can be done with data. We’re bringing together one massive group of smart and creative brains to spend one big day playing and building with data. The goal is simple: using the skills in the room and open sources of data as the tools, everyone builds something by the end of the day.