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Max Larcombe

Current OccupationHead of Online Courses

NationalityUnited Kingdom

Current LocationManchester

I'm an educator at heart, but I also like old records and occasionally running long distances for fun.

I started my career making documentaries but wanted to see the impact of my work first hand so moved into the education sector and ran a range of enterprise and leadership projects across the UK and internationally. I'm passionate about providing learning experiences that allow people to develop the skills needed both now and (hopefully) in the future.

I was researching disruptive education when I came across Hyper Island and as soon as I'd walked through the door I knew it was the place for me. I spent my first few years looking after our Masters education in Europe and in 2018 moved into our online courses. As the Head of Online Courses I'm intrigued by how we can design and deliver impactful 'learning by doing' experiences to people all over the world via a device. This is an exciting sector and I believe it will only get more exciting as the accessibility and possibilities of technology increase.