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Mathias Ragnarsson

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2016

Current OccupationFreelance Illustrator


Current LocationKarlskrona, Sweden

Loves the beauty in ugliness. It's honest, direct; human & natural.


I’m a freelance illustrator from Sweden who's currently studying at Hyper Island while simultaneously doing commissions. Now, maybe that has very little to do with the work I do, but if you by any chance pass by I’ll gladly take a cup of coffee with you! And talk about stuff.

Anyhow! I work digitally pretty much all the time, and it fits my work-process perfectly. I’m keen on working with both pixels and vectors, something I’ve found to be very resourceful at times, depending on how the illustration is going to be used. Also I’ve got experience working as a graphic designer which sharpens my toolbox even more.

So have a look around, and when you reach the point where you feel I would be a good match for you and your project, no matter how small or big it is, contact me! I’ll gladly help you out.