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Marianne Brandt

Current OccupationCFO


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

My motto is "Always keep a high standard!"

I have over 20 years experience from finance and accounting, which is hard to believe since I feel so young... Before I joined the Hyper Island team in March 2011, I spent 15 years working for a global shipping company. International business and global trading are interesting and exciting aspects to deal with, and I like to be a part of the world economy. I have a strong interest in integrating people and companies into new structures. Looking at the current expansion of Hyper Island, I will have plenty of opportunities to work in the global arena. I live in an old house in Stockholm, with my husband and our three wonderful children. In my leisure time, I love to travel, especially to ItaIy. Hyper Island is an amazingly interesting company and I am truly happy to be working here!