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Maria Lujan Martinez Cima

ProgramMA Digital Management, 2014

Current OccupationMA Student in Digital Media Management


Current LocationManchester, United Kingdom

I am a passionate young professional who is on a mission to facilitate the change in an industry under disruption. I believe in positive thinking and bringing solutions through human centric design. I create processes and strategies which touch peoples lives for the better ensures innovative ideas. I love challenges and I'm always interested in talking about opportunities over a coffee.


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7 Hyper Island students. 2 weeks. 1 weather balloon. 30000 m up in the air.

This project focused on inspiring and engaging young kinds that learning-by-doing is fun.

BUZZinSPACE includes launching a weather balloon 33km up in the air. This is high enough to capture images on the stratosphere. We want to see how low cost quality alternatives can bring us to greater heights. To accomplish this journey we will need to purchase a weather balloon that can lift 1.6kg to space. We will attach two Go Pro Cameras together with a GPS system/personal tracker to help us locate our balloon. A Parachute will be installed to assist in a soft landing as well as a Radar reflector to prevent airplanes to hit the balloon.

We worked with Indigogo and collected funding for the project and we LIVE-stream the launch on August 13th, 2013.

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