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Maria Ågren

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2016

Current OccupationDigital media student at Hyper Island


Current LocationLjungskile, Sweden

Hi there!

My name is Maria Ågren and I´m a digital project manager and team facilitator. My passions are people, UX and communication and I believe that real digital magic happens when people talk to each other, share their work, give each other feedback, play ping pong and drink lots of coffee together. And occasionally burst out into spontaneous dancing.

Before studying at Hyper Island, I was working as a journalist. I have live broadcasted radio with water up to my knees and made TV news reportages about everything from murder scenes and accidents to drunken Norwegian people celebrating easter with christmas trees on top of their cars. If I wasn't a creative problem solver before, my years within journalism definitely shaped me into one, that´s for sure! Add critical thinking, curiosity and ambition to that, and you got the 25 year old me.

Say hi at maria.agren@hyperisland.se!