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Magnus Jonsson

ProgramDigital Data Strategist, 2013

Current OccupationDesigner


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

Hey, my name is Magnus, born and raised in the dark forests of northern Sweden. A place where you eat meat to survive and enjoy nature because there's nothing else to do.

My background is in design and I'm currently exploring the possibilities of using data to create compelling stories and concepts. My goal is to be a data driven Art Director

The Butterfly Effect - IRC ThinkIn

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One in three women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime, often at the hands of a loved one. ”Domestic violence is a bigger threat to the health of women ages 15-49 than cancer, malaria and traffic accident combined.”

Using the interface of the popular Facebook tool: The Timeline. The Butterfly Effect interacts, educates and enlightens people about the effects of domestic violence and it’s impact on the community, society and the world. By making active choices you create a dynamic timeline. Depending on what choice you make the timeline unfolds and shows the effects of domestic violence. At the bottom of the application the user will be given the option to remove the act of domestic violence. By doing so an alternate timeline will be shown.

The users friend’s will receive a post in their news feed which says ”Emma unfolded a new kind of facebook timeline and by doing this supported 1/3rd of the women in the world. Click here to create your own timeline.”

Facilitating change through data

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The buzz says that data is important but what do we know about data? Can data change how we market books, empower readers to discover their favorite book among 5 million available titles or enhance user experience through gamification?

Together with 5 Digital Data Strategist students, armed with a cocktail of storytelling, design and data-driven business development, I explored these areas and we wrote a book on opportunities that data can bring to the industry of publishing. The book was released today (21st of Match 2013) on the publishing conference “If Book Then - Stockholm”, hosted by the publishing platform company Publit and trade magazine Svensk Handel.

Game of Me - TriAngulate

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During the Game of Me module were we supposed to make a game about ourself. Gathering data with different apps and then visualize that data in any way.

This is the final presentation of me and the data I gathered with Instagram and other apps.

Music: Ratatat - Gettysburg

See our People

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We created this interactive data visualisation of the complete Hyper Island network to show the incredible size and impact this network has.

This data visualisation was created during our Art Module, which was led by Rebecca and Duncan from 'Information is beautiful' - London.