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Louisa Heinrich

Current OccupationFounder, Superhuman Limited [Strategy | Design | Innovation]

NationalityUnited Kingdom

Current LocationBerlin | London

"Never express yourself more clearly than you are able to think." - Niels Bohr

Louisa Heinrich is relentlessly curious. She loves getting inside clients’ heads to understand their challenges. She also loves listening to and telling stories, to understand how people and the world work. Building on roots in Theatre and Anthropology, Louisa has been working in digital for over 16 years, on an ongoing quest to put people first, investigating how technology can adapt to and enhance what makes us uniquely human. She has helped scores of businesses across finance, telco, consumer goods, retail, media and government with Strategy, Innovation, Service Design & UX. Most recently, Louisa was Head of Strategy at Fjord, where she was responsible for driving thought leadership, exploring future trends, redesigning the agency, and generally stirring things up. She now works through Superhuman Limited as a speaker, consultant and mentor at the intersection of Design, Business and Technology.