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Lisa Sundberg

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2015

Current OccupationLooking for internship


Current LocationKarlskrona, Sweden

Passion is to me when you can't resist doing something no matter how drunk or tired you are. That's how I feel about what I do.

I am Lisa Sundberg, a 21 year old digital creative currently studying at Hyper Island in Karlskrona to become the best digital creative, designer and team member you can ever imagine.

Except from coming up with lots of ideas (both good and bad ones), I do graphic design, web design (including coding) and art direction. I love making ideas happen.

Having finished the first year of DMC I am now on the hunt for an internship. An internship where I get to test my wings as creative and designer, and put all the learnings I’ve had during my year at Hyper Island into practice. If want me to be your intern, or just want to discuss music or food or the great things of life, please drop me a mail!