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Lisa Löwenborg

ProgrameCommerce Business, 2013

Current OccupationeCommerce


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." Emerson


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the[e]venture is an interactive event created by the students of the eCommerce Business Program at Hyper Island. The aim of the event was to spark a collaboration between students and industry leaders in a workshop. We wanted to give a new experience and a different way of working in groups, through the methods we use on a daily basis at Hyper Island.

I was part of the team creating this workshop.

IRC Thinkin Group 34

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Together with five of my friends at Hyper Island, we came up with an idea to create awareness of domestic violence by setting up a gorilla stunt of an imaginary hidden disease/epidemic.

As we want the campaign to grow and get people's attention, the real reason behind the campaign has to be kept secret for a certain amount of time to reach its full effect.

When the campaign hits its peak of media attention, IRC reveals the true meaning behind it: "To cure domestic violence in the the world".

Min Min Design

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Selling children's beanies online.

All beanies are handmade and every design only come in a few samples. Recognise your kid in the park!