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Linnea Jernow

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2016

Current OccupationUX-Designer


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

User-Experience Designer at Expressen

I'm a team player who likes to get people excited. My passion is within User Experience and music (DJ:ing and singing in the Bonnier choir)

Let's go for coffee or skype - Id love to meet you and explore collaborations.

                            Here are some projects I really enjoyed being a part of:

App for Yogayama - UX

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Picture above: Build-measure-learn-loop --> user stories + wireframes + trigger materials to learn from users.

Role: User Experience Designer and Service Designer

For seven weeks me and my team created the future strategy for Yogayama and an app concept based on customer insights.

Tools/methods: - User Research, Interviewing, User Testing, Creating Customer Journey Maps and Proposed User Flow Maps, Creating Prototypes (Interface, Mockups and Wireframes), illustrator, Photoshop

A Hyper Island student project for Yogayama

Five hour workshop: Remake Nike+ in Principle and Sketch

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Role: User Experience Designer

Tools/methods: Principle, Google Material Design, Sketch

Thoughts: The app today contains several steps and settings to fil out before the user can start tracking their workout. I believe this is a problem. When users are out running or bicycling they just want to start tracking their workout quickly, and focus on the actual workout, without losing the spark with a thorough settings session. Therefore I wanted to make the "start tracking" function very easy accessible and centered.

Working in principle I had the goal of making the animations feel smooth and clear, going from one action to an other, so that even though the user are out running or bicycling they would understand where to click and also actually see the functions on the screen.

Tech and design

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Brief: Build a useful web product that makes a difference for your cause.
Our cause was over consumtion.
We used HTML, CSS Javascript and Instagram API