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Linn Viberg

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2016

Current OccupationStrategist & Blogger


Current LocationUnited Kingdom

I crowd surfed once, so you should hire me.

An inquisitive dork with a weak spot for talking to people living unconventional lives, listening to guilty pleasure tunes and remembering unnecessary facts. These past years I’ve been sweating to become a brilliant team player, curious strategist and content creator. I also crowd surfed once, so you should hire me.

At the moment I work as a blogger for Metro Sweden with 45k pageviews/month and freelance as a writer. In the future I plan on creating social movements and write novels about forbidden things and rebellious ladies.

I think big data and social media are wondrous inventions and gifts to lonely weird kids in faraway towns as well as large companies. It has the capability to elevate any discussion, ignite revolutions or just make Wednesday afternoons a little less long.

Check out some of my previous projects and if you want to do brilliant things together email me at


Medium no slutshaming

Role: Creative, Copywriter and Developer (HTML, CSS, jQuery & Javascript)

There has been a lot of hatred and slut shaming of women online as a result of movements such as Gamer Gate etc. We wanted to create a service to fight this online behaviour and make the Internet a more pleasant place.

Therefore we created #NOSLUTSHAMING; A website collecting tweets with offensive words such as ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ and converting them into neutral or even good words such as ‘human being’ or ‘hero’ to send back to the original tweeter. A link to the website is included where one could read about what slut shaming is and how it affects society.


Medium greenvacuum1

Role: Project Manager, Creative and VJ (visual projection mapping through Resolume Arena 4)

At the yearly technology art exhibition with Hyper Island we wanted to create a futuristic forest where plants come alive through light and sound.

The installation was built out of several interactive elements that triggered the different senses through sound, touch and visual experiences. It became the most popular piece at the exhibition where people queued for over an hour to experience it.

With four computers connected to several Arduinos, hooked up to different sensors we made this a reality. Combined with lights, sound and projections it became an out of body experience.

See the process below:


Medium fastighetsbyran2

Role: Creative & Project Manager

Awarded ‘Most Innovative Solution’ by both Fastighetsbyrån and the contestants.

We worked together with Sweden’s biggest real estate agency, Fastighetsbyrån, during a 48 hours challenge. The brief was to display and spread their properties in an innovative way, attracting more potential buyers to the viewings.

INSIGHT. Many buy new homes when settling down with a partner. During Stockholm Pride hundreds of same sex couples queue up to get married in the town hall. Unfortunately the drop-in ceremonies only last a few minutes and the majority are turned down.

SOLUTION. Fastighetsbyrån would offer these eager lovebirds to instead get married in one of their properties and invite their family and friends for a loving moment in the property.

Not only would they attract more people to the viewings, but also being top of mind when these couples or relatives then look for buying or selling a property. Making Fastighetsbyrån Sweden’s most


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Role: Creative & Strategist

There isn’t a single female who hasn’t experienced the terror of having to walk home alone in the dark, afraid of being attacked, assaulted.

That’s why we created Sheltr. A social service that helps women get home safe at night by teaming up with other verified users to walk home together. It provides you with a safe and lit up route home whilst letting you notify your friends and family who will be able to track your position and see you get home safe.

If something were to happen the alarm button will go straight to your friends and family who can see exactly where you are and call for help.