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Laura Pedroni

ProgramMA Digital Management, 2012

Current OccupationExperiential Art Director


Current LocationManchester // UK

You Won't Succeed - Unless You Try.

Check out Contact me at laura.pedroni[at] for projects & collaborations. Or 0044 7 511 269 800

Creative, Artist, Maker of Stuffs,

I am passionate about the fusion of physical and digital, the mix of technology and design to elicit emotion.

Current: Freelance London/Paris:

ex. Interactive Designer @Chaka Films (, London ex. Experiential Designer (, London ex. Experiential Designer @Jason Bruges (, London ex. Graphic Designer @Memo Akten (, London ex. Experiential Designer @Physical Pixels (, London ex. Designer @Nod-a (, Paris Facilitation of a 3 days workshop @SYSTRA ex. Experiential Designer @Fablab Amsterdam ( in collaboration with @WaagSociety ( ex. Graphic Designer @BETCParis EURO RSCG (, Paris

DIY Generation

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Art Direction & Illustrations for an article about the ‘DIY Generation’. Scanned papers, fabrics, objects, dry plants…