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Lasse Korsgaard

ProgramInteractive Art Director, 2010

Current OccupationStudent at CIID (Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design)


Current LocationCopenhagen

Trashy Cophenhagen

Medium overview

I recently discovered an extremely detailed API over all the trashcans in Copenhagen, and decided I wanted to visualize Copenhagen just by its trashcans. The colors of the dots represents the color of the actual trash can and the opacity is its condition.

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Dynamic HMTL5 and Canvas driven logo and responsive website Finch 15, a innovation boutique.

Love the Love Graph

Medium lovegraph

An interactive and honest (maybe too honest) Valentine's Day card. Using the handles, users can specify how much they actually love their partner and how much is lust and loathe and create either a pie chart or bar chart. Then users can download their card as a pdf, print it and give it to their (loved) ones.

Done in collaboration with Dean Woodhouse.