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Kristina Herngren

ProgramInteractive Art Director, 2010

Current OccupationManaging Director Coompanion Sweden


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

Get to know and lead yourself and make other people thrive.

Before joining Coompanion I worked as a strategist and a facilitator of creative teams and processes at the digital agency Ottoboni group/Nordkom. I develop businesses, brands and organizations through research & analysis on the needs of both employees and end-clients. I believe that local needs and problems are best solved by local solutions with people in cooperation.

I have been managing businesses and projects in the private, public and civil sector since 1998.

From time to time, as part of my job at Coompanion Sweden, I facilitate learning and development processes with the students and clients of Hyper Island. The aim is to optimizing efficiency and well being of the teams and ultimately a better quality of the results as well as greater profitability.

I truly love Hyper Island, the philosophy and its people <3!