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Kiely Sweatt

ProgramMaster Class - Digital Acceleration, 2013

Current Occupation

NationalityUnited States

Current LocationGreater New York City Area

I have 10+ years experience in education and the arts; teaching at schools and companies throughout Spain and the US, publishing two books as well as numerous online and onstage publications and performances.

I founded the Performing Arts Collective, Prostibulo Poetico, and Press, Libro Rojo, in Barcelona, with branches in Madrid, Greece, Latin and South America. It received recognition in The Guardian, EasyJet and Vueling for its innovative approach to cross cultural collaboration within creative writing and performance.

Since 2012 I've been in NYC working as a Program Manager and Facilitator for the global education company, Hyper Island and Advisor to 30 Weeks.

By blending my passions of art and education I’ve found a unique way of creating learning experiences and engaging communities.