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Katy Jackson

ProgramMA Digital Management, 2012

Current OccupationStudent

NationalityUnited Kingdom

Current LocationManchester, United Kingdom

Will design in exchange for apple pie!

Project Maker at

Currently looking for Service design and UX type positions in London.

Small Scottish girl in London. Just blew in from the windy city, it was mighty pretty, but they ain't got what we got, no sirree.

Interned at One Design Company/Desktime. Just completed my Masters at Hyper Island studying Digital Media Management and working on several projects with some great people around the world.

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our little projects

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Our little projects will be a series of small projects that come from the thoughts we have outside our other work. They are about building, learning, failing and creating cool stuff.

It started with the small matter of a strategy to get a new job for both of us we found it difficult to explain the kinds of projects that we wanted to work on and the kind of company we would like to work for, so we decided to just show it instead, covering the What, the How and the Why of every project.

So here we showcase what we can both do, covering different things in every project. It was important to us that these were new and ongoing projects instead of an old portfolio.


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In 8 days we created a concept for Penguin - How can we bring new life to their recipe content? FoodTalk is a weekly surprise machine of recipes. It's not just a food app, it's a mission. Share your successes and failures. Interact with people cooking the same meal through a new social journey where you choose which meals, tweets and pictures which are relevant to you. Share, publish and help co-create what you love to make.

Project by: Katy Jackson ‎@suninthecorner Santiago Ramos @santiagoisramos Laura Pedroni @LauraPoni Alex Hunting @AlHunting Priya Ghai @PriyaGhai

The good bank

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What if we could bring venture capitalism to the Long tail? What if we could teach people how to handle their money at the times when they most need? What if we could create a bank with genuine trust and transparency? In less than two weeks we looked at how this could be possible.

The Task given by Hyper island: To develop a new business idea (product or service) or transform an existing business sector.

Watch the video below to understand how the good bank works. For more detail read my article on business models. The Tortoise and the Hare.