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Julius Wihlke

ProgramMobile Creative, 2015

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I don't quote, I whistle...

I’m 22 years old which means that I do know what a floppy disk is. Most of those years I’ve spent in Stockholm where I was born. First time I experienced an office was at the game development company Crytek, in Hungary. Being a teenager at a gaming company was a dream come true. My view on office life have been a bit off ever since. I started off my job career with interaction design and e-learning working in Adobe flash, at Involve Communication. Realising that Adobe Flash was fairly outdated I needed new experience. That’s why I applied to Hyper Island. One year later I’m now graduating from the Mobile Creative program and are looking for internship. My interests are UI/UX design but I’m interested in the IOS development journey as well. “I’m experienced in what to do when you have an business idea, and what to do when you don’t have one.” Besides making pretty stuff and thinking about pixels and colours, I enjoy drawing and painting, playing the piano and rollerskating.

Absolut Cube

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I love being at restaurants. It’s really like stepping into a concept engaging all senses.

So when we received a brief from the Absolut Vodka Company, concerning the future business of nightlife, I knew what I wanted to target.

The brief was a part of my Hyper Island education, during a hardware exploration module.

I haven’t be tinkering around with Arduino’s and circuits boards before so when I took upon the role as developer I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. But actually seeing that your code manipulated something that you could hold physically was too rewarding to miss out on.

After a week of Ideation we figured out what angle we wanted to approach the brief. We wanted to release the friction point of waiting for service.

We’ve all experienced the waiter that seems to never see you even though you’re waving like an idiot.

Our concept was a cube that you tilt to different sides to signal the waiter or waitress that you want service. When the cube is tilted, the side facing