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Jonathan Briggs

Current OccupationProfessor, Academic Director (Singapore) and founding troublemaker

NationalityUnited Kingdom

Current LocationSingapore

Liking things is not enough, go make something

Hi. I'm one of the co-founders of this odd place called Hyper Island. Back in the long distant past I was a techy programmer who became an educator and then an academic. I met some Swedes and we bought a prison and flew interesting people in to meet an amazing group of students who were making things.

I've continued to make things and so have a lot of the people we have taught: software, apps, designs, teams, courses and companies.

Now I have a chance to do it all again here in Singapore and I'm very excited about that. Suddenly we are making on a bigger scale and that's challenging but the impact we could have could be way bigger. I hope so.

Sometimes people forget where we come from and imagine that Hyper Island sprang from nothing: it didn't. It comes from a long constructivist tradition: learning through making, exploring, experimentation and teamwork.

Come and visit us in Singapore!

Hyper Island in Singapore

The challenge is to take the best of Hyper Island in the rest of the world and transport it here to Asia where the culture, people and rules are different: expectations of education are different and so is the bureaucracy.

We've found an amazing campus and begun preparing our first course: a Specialist Diploma Interactive Art Director, similar to the one in Sweden but at a more advanced academic level (one of the challenges).

Later in 2013 we will bring the Manchester MA here (with the help of Teeside) and experiment with running a flexible learning MA too.

Brand Window

Exploring big retail and social data to support brand teams through ambient computing. Still a skunkworks project but likely to see the light of day soon.