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Johanna Olsson

Current OccupationLearning Designer & Facilitater, Program Manager for Digital Business


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

Keep your head cool and your heart warm

I’m Johanna and I live in Sweden or wherever I’m needed at the moment. I’m a Kaospilot- graduating 2008, and try to always keep my head cool and my heart warm. I’ve been working with film, web and cross media in different ways in different parts of the world for the last ten years. I joined the team at Hyper Island in 2011, where I’m currently working as a learning designer and facilitater in Stockholm, where I run our program Digital Business. Besides working with this I’ve have also, among other things, worked as a mime artist in the French mountains, as a sheep shepherd on a small Scottish island, and as a creative process manager for a big multinational company in a secret castle in Belgium. I love living a life full of contrasts and am so passionate that I once broke my hand right of while arm wrestling instead of giving up.