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Johanna Frelin

Current OccupationCEO at Tengboms


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

To be able to reach your goals: Team is everything

To future-proof organisations you need to understand culture and process and the values that will take you there. Over the years I have been working intensely with change management and organisational leadership to empower companies to thrive and lead that change. It’s a pleasant job since I love to see things grow; my children, the students at Hyper Island or our clients businesses.

I love the way consumers are disrupting different industries. As an example, I have worked with large media companies in northern Europe and really enjoy helping them understand how their business models can develop online and how they need to change accordingly. Cross-functional teams, non-hierarchical leadership and strong values is necessary to create an attractive organisation with an innovative culture.

My favourite value at Hyper Island is "Team is Everything". It has proved, time and time again, that a strong team can deliver on whatever goals they try to achieve.