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Johanna Bülling

ProgramMobile Creative, 2015

Current OccupationUX/UI Designer


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

Stay curious. Ask questions!

Former product development and furniture design student with passion for projects and the process of bringing an idea to the finished product. I am currently working as a Product designer at Magine TV a long side with my own projects. Enjoying life.

Don't be a stranger.

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Please make sure to visit, don't be a stranger. I got work pieces collected for you, a UX/UI/Personal column, a about me page... See you there!

A user interface designed for a nightlife experience

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Agnes is visiting a new city. She does not know where to go tonight. Then we have Adam, he is a cool kid, going to the best places that no visitor would ever find. What if Agnes could "borrow" Adams nightlife while she is visiting... Introducing Absolut Nightlife.

"Where to go, who to follow" We connected a NFC tag to nightlife profiles all over the world to connect people to their experiences. Follow people nearby to explore the city you are in. Know where to go and RSVP places through the application. Enter the venue with your tag and your profile will appear and get verified. Easy access and exciting experiences awaits!

Why try to be a printed book when you can be smart?

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We are three Mobile Creative students at Hyper Island. Consuming, digesting and rehearsing information is part of our daily business.

We recognised that although we belong to the digital age, we still prefer reading print. If only it wasn’t such a hassle to move an entire bookshelf full of books, when moving or traveling — which we do a lot. We asked ourselves and others, how do we consume books, what do we appreciate and what annoys us the most?

The best conceptual tech solution for Taskrunner

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Safety is always very important, and when it comes to a service that is based on people trusting each other taking care of their daily shores, this was a huge mountain to climb - how do I know that I can trust this person? This leads to the insecurity the users tend to get, am I capable helping someone out? Is it good enough? Will I get paid? Signing missions was something interesting we found the users troubled about, every step needs to be very intuitive. The more the users see in one frame, the better. No surprises and very informative. Inspiration to use the service, showing the way of building the community that Taskrunner is aiming to be, this is very important in the on boarding process but also when using the service, what has others done? What did others think? Any tips or tricks? Get to know more