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Johan Gustafsson

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2007

Current OccupationAD / Motion Graphics

Johan Gustafsson, Swedish Motion Graphics artist & designer.

I´m primary an After Effects generalist, mainly working in 2D/2.5D, but I've also been doing a few 3D-projects. This is something that I'm looking forward to further develop my skills in. Besides working with motion graphics, I'm also driven by working with color-grading, design, illustration, film, photo-manipulation. Any kind of story-telling actually, and I love a good challenge.

Since 2006 I've been working with at various places, such as:

(current) • Marilyn Produktionsbolag - Karlstad, Sweden.

• Postmodern - Sydney, Australia.

• Ottoboni - Stockholm, Sweden.

• Big Spaceship - New York, USA.