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Joel Lundblad

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2014

Current OccupationCreative, Wieden + Kennedy


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

"I put in work, and watch my status escalate." - Guru of Gang Starr

A digital creative with the ability to pitch ideas.

My toolbox contains a pen to formulate words with, a visual mind to compose with and an eloquence to interact with others.

I am an adventurer who loves to throw himself in to new cultures and experiences. I’ve lived in Örebro, Cincinnati, Barcelona, London and Stockholm. I’ve worked with sales, customer service in the hotel industry and worked myself up to Sales manager before I realized that my passion lies in creativity.

My interest in aesthetics combined with my technical skills have proven to be very useful in this field. I am an early adopter to anything digital.

I am driven by an ambition to understand the world we are living in and how we together can generate value for the people that live in it.

Stash - An app for your belongings

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The assignment was to create something completely new to challenge the industry of assets and things. So we created a new online platform combined with the possibilities of social media.

To create a digital solution is of course a very broad subject, with endless possibilities. The idea of Stash was born when i was moving from one apartment to another, I realized that I had no idea what I owned and where I had it. We evolved around the idea of a digital solution to keep track of what you own and where you keep it. Where is the value in this? And what is the business plan for it?

The concept is an app, where you can tag all your items and loan/sell/exchange them with your network.

We called this idea Stash. Watch the Case-film below for further explanation.

Hyper Island Festival

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I was one of the lead instigators of Hyper Island Festival. We brought together a work group and developed the idea and executed it in less than one month. My role was (other than concept) to find and contact speakers and agencies to take part in the day, as well as promoting the festival to future students and the industry.

The Festival was a great success both from a branding perspective for Hyper Island and from an attendance perspective, we had over 300 participants. Charlotte Sundåker, the marketing director of Hyper Island explains it as ”the best event that Hyper Island has ever hosted”

All this in less than a month. It will now be a yearly event to promote the school.

Rebranding of HP

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We got the brief to renew the branding of the PC and IT major – Hewlett-Packard.

We wanted our branding of HP to communicate the original values of the company, especially the idea of “creating for a need”, which was one of the historical foundations of the HP brand. We wanted the visuals to be strong and timeless, just like HP itself.

My role in this project was as an Art director/Concept developer.

Read more on my portfolio site

Adidas Neo

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Adidas gave us the brief to come up with a physical product to engage the target group of teenagers.

We created a Lifestyle Social On-The-Go camera for the spontaneous moments that your Smartphone cannot capture. Plus the most insane launch campaign.

Hyper Island Exhibition

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We received an Arduino and some LED-lights, along with the brief to create based on the sentence: "Blink and move".

I coded in Javascript and C++, We hacked a Microsoft Kinect to enable the visitors control the strobe lights that we had built. By turning their bodies into the control we managed to create an engaging experience that could be implemented in night clubs, malls and interactive installations.

Below is the project in all its grace: