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Jody Turner

Current OccupationStrategic Brand Anthropology

"Some live futures today, others the past tomorrow."

From Wikipedia: "Jody Turner is a U.S. West Coast-based entrepreneur known for her international brand anthropology insight and trend futurism research, writing and keynote presenting. Turner tracks global socio-cultural shifts influencing the future marketplace – ultimately defining how we live, work and play and the inherent opportunity spaces within. Turner’s Culture of Future consultancy works with global brands, start-ups, cultural organizations, and non-profit foundations. Her project timeline includes IDEO, Apple, BMW, Starbucks, Nike, Nike Girl Effect, Adidas, Baumann Foundation, London, Cria Global Rio, the Empowerment Plan Detroit, Sustainable Brands Istanbul..."

For links to Turner's Fast Company/Stanford Social Innovation Review blogs, Turner's Culture of Future YouTube channel including the TEDx Helsinki talk visit: