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Joanna Hill

ProgramInteractive Art Director, 2012

Current OccupationService Designer at Meld Studios

NationalityNew Zealand

Current LocationSydney, Australia

SVT Play: Imagining the future of online television

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Swedish public service broadcaster SVT wanted to its boost audiences for their online service called ‘SVT Play’. Faced with the lowest viewing rates in the history of television and reduced public funding they, like so many public broadcaster’s, needed to explore new ways to fulfil their role as the voice of the nation.

Our team’s vision was a simpler more intuitive way for SVT audiences to enjoy TV online.

Our idea was a single channel broadcast continuously like a regular channel, but this channel would slowly and intelligently become more personalised to its viewer’s individual preferences and tempo.

Being online, it could leverage data about viewer’s interests stored on other online platforms and it would also be able to analyse watching timeframes to build preferred viewing cycles linking content to time.

Eventually the channel would feed unique content to a viewer that it knew they would love, along with random items which stretched the boundaries of those preferences. It would require virtually no input, allowing the viewer to keep sitting back and enjoy that little piece of downtime in their busy life.

Samsung Breeze: Advanced Interface Design

In answer to Samsung's challenge: how to get Swedes excited about 4G and promote their new series of 4G phones, our group responded with an idea that showcases the benefits of 4G networks - speed & more data and makes phone and apps more intuitive.

The idea is based on background voice recognition software that picks up keywords from both parties conversations in real time and displays relevant app information on screen to make your appointments and rendez-vous's more effortless.