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Joakim Jardenberg

Current OccupationHead of Internet


Current LocationHelsingborg, Sweden

Be honest and do good shit

Head of Internet, Helsingborg city.

Senior advisor in all things internet and media. Social media therapist. Big time CEO whisperer. #4 when Huffington Post picked ”The Most Influential Tech CEOs On Twitter”. Founder of a bunch of companies in the digital space.

Business angel and investor in early stage tech startups. #14 when The Telegraph picked ”The 100 most influential technology investors in Europe”.

I write, lecture, speak, facilitate and moderate large and small groups. <3 it

Long term internet evangelist, pundit and netizen. I believe in freedom of expression and in the power of online to democratize our world. I have worked in MENA with these issues, but I’m also actively pushing the envelope in the already connected world. I commit +50% of my time to pro bono work, always trying to be honest and do good shit.