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Jimmi Elofsson

ProgramMobile Creative, 2014

Current OccupationMobile Apps Student


Current LocationSweden

I'm a Software Developer Rockstar, Hyper Island - Mobile -14 student .. I eat software code, apis and syntax's for breakfast. (Not literally, usually i eat oats for breakfast)

FHS app 2014

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Sweden's largest outdoor horse show asked us to deliver a mobile app to address the needs of a variety of users (general public, staff, riders, advertisers, etc.). An desired feature was the fact that this app should work offline, since the outdoor venue has an unreliable internet connection.

Over a period of six weeks, our team of five designed and developed a fully functional, native iOS app. This event app provides the different users with relevant information, allowing them to plan and manage their stay at Falsterbo Horse Show.

Some of the features which were greatly appreciated by the client were the news feeds, a section presenting user-generated content from social media and a smart solution for featuring advertisements in a prominent yet non-intrusive manner.

Copenhagen Art & Design

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It's a gamification-based travel companion - all built to allow the user to have a fun experience while visiting Copenhagen. In the app you will get different varieties of challenges. For instance, it could be finding clues to questions about your surroundings, or simply picking the right answer from a couple of options. When completing the challenges, you'll receive points; collect as many as you can for cool prizes.

TWO GAME-PLAY MODES Traveler Mode, lets the users choose POIs from a list view to visit. Explorer Mode, gives users POIs to visit when they shake their device (POI is short term of Point Of Interest, could for example be a restaurant or a design museum.)

PHOTO ALBUM Easily build your own photo album by snapping a shot at each POI.


Beer-o-matic Concept

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Share a beer with good friends is one of the highlights of a great night out. The Carlsberg Beer-o-matic experience makes it as easy as using your phone. At the heart of it all is a sleek mobile app, that hooks up to Facebook. Using it, you buy beer from our special fridges placed in your favorite venues. The end result is fast service and a round (or more!) of good cold beer for you and your friends.

Skipping the bar line and getting more time to enjoy nightlife with your friends, That calls for a Carlsberg!