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Jessica Nylund

ProgrameCommerce Business, 2013

Current OccupationSalesperson


Current LocationStockholm County, Sweden

Page optimization for

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For this project I had the role as the project manager for my team with 4 other members. Our main goal for this project was to increase's conversion rate by 10x through page optimization.

Deliverables: - Action plan for the next 6 months including required ressources. - Platform design review focusing on short term easy improvements and long term recommendations. Graphical design, copy, UI improvements, usability etc.

My main focus for the deliverables were making recommendations for product search, including user experience of navigation, functions, overall design, trust-building and communication.

Developement of Red Devil's webshop

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We are four studens developing the e-commerce business for the Swedish fashion retailer Red Devil. The process includes everything from prestudy to developement from scratch, to logistics and marketing. We are building on the Wordpress CMS and run a WooCommerce setup for the store.

My main responsibilities in the project is online marketing and social media strategy as well as on-site content updates and creation.

Online marketing strategy for

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Me and my team got the brief from Tonerlagret to help them create an online marketing strategy with a focus on their new product launch of printers. We looked into:

  • Competitive analysis
  • CRM and customer service
  • Price comparison
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram)*

*My main field of research.

The strategy was both presented in an oral Keynote presentation and handed over as a .pdf file including text and graphics.