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Jenny Bergman

ProgramLearning Designer & Facilitator, 2013

Current OccupationCreative and Curious Student


Current LocationKarlskrona

Current Mission: Achieve sustainable growth, by helping individuals & organisations to grow, develop their skills and explore their potential

Give my anything eatable and I'll eat it, hand me your favourite book and I will look through it, tell me about an interest of yours and I will listen carefully.

My passion is to challenge my own and other people's thought structures and to try out original activities (e.g. fencing, life drawing, curling). My goal is to to stay curious,adventurous and avoid putting people into categories.

After I graduated upper secondary school I have: worked in Disneyland Paris, conducted field studies in India, studied political science in Belfast, moved to Germany, conducted research in Georgia(the country), bicycled from Stockholm to Brussels and I have written a bachelor thesis in anthropology.

If you have a, so called, crazy idea or if you want to discuss how to make the world a more sustainable place then contact me and I would be happy to help you out!