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Jennie Persson

ProgramLearning Designer & Facilitator, 2013

Current OccupationLearning design and facilitator


Current LocationKarlskrona, Sweden

I'll help you to make a positive change.

Hyper Island helped me to change all challenges to opportunities and now I can help you do the same. Can you imagine how it feels to goes from "want to do a positive change to make teams more motivated and effective", to realize that it's not only about teams? It's about groups, organizations, society, human needs, and to make a sustainable change for the future world. It's when you realize that, you fill your body with the power of a true vision. Give is the new get and I will never be curious enough or stop sharing, for the benefits of the world. Everything is about learning and that's leads you to a richer life and success. I can inspire and help you get tools for sustainable development.

People often describe me as positive, ambitious, openminded, visionary, "doer", social and humble with a strive for help others to make positive change to success and to constantly learn.

Are you curios enough?

Love to hear from you! Best regards, Jennie Persson

Facilitator at

A developing project to facilitate them to define a common voice in their company. That helps them strive to the same direction for internal cultural and goals. The implementation will result in better external communication that leads to bigger market space and more costumers.