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Bella Funck

Current OccupationDirector of Customer and Network Experience


Current LocationStockholm County, Sweden

I'm a visionary doer, with a purpose to use meaning and learning as core vehicles for personal and business growth.

I've got 16 years experience working at the intersection of transformative education/training, digital business/.com start ups, and the creative and communication industries. Today I'm working as Director of Customer & Network experience at Hyper Island with a focus on driving our own digital transformation. The roles includes being manager of our Global Functions; Digital Sales & Experience, Portfolio and Learning Design, Collaborator Network and Casting. I'm also designing and facilitating learning experiences for teams and organisations within the areas of digital transformation, leadership, culture and innovation.

My passion is to wander in the nature (especially in my kayak) and I'm obsessed by asking questions that helps me to better understand the world and myself. I love people, learning and imagining the future.