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Irene Olkerud

ProgramDigital Data Strategist, 2013

Current OccupationDigital Strategy - Freelancer


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

“The goal is to transform data into information, and information into insight” - Carly Fiorina

Curiously and passionately, I am exploring the world of data- trying to make beautiful sense of it

On this site you can see the projects I have been involved in, either individually or in teams. To get an even more detailed picture of me, my projects and experiences at Hyper Island, you are always welcome to my portfolio www.ireneolkerud.se or read more about my thoughts in my blog http://ireneolkerud.tumblr.com/

Urban Living

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In a team of 3 we created a totally new digital strategy for Urban Living, giving them a detailed solution covering everything from social media to analytics, content and design. The goal was for Urban living to strengthen their digital position and increase conversion rates.


This project was part of an E-commerce competition in the program. We had six weeks to prove that we could create a business, build a webshop and make sales. We were challenged to optimize the site both when it comes to design, user experience, marketing and driving traffic to the site.

Our Idea Côte Tote- Semi-french natural tote bags with swag hand crafted prints suited for urban street life. Order your own swag bag with an even swager print at www.cotetote.com

Côte Tote became one of the best selling products during the competition, and we won price as runner ups, with the motivation that it covered the best overall strategy and branding.

Bonnier Digital / Dagens Industri

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The brief from Bonnier Digital and Dagens Industri, challenged us to come up with new innovative ways of engaging their digital readers, as well as funneling the digital readers to dagens industri's print edition offers.

On Time On Topic- Hyper Island

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We created a visual description of the "Digital Data Strategist"- program at Hyper Island, what content, subjects and companies that has been connected to the first semester (2012) of the program. The visualization shows that the topics through out the program is right on time, and are created after an industry demand.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification

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Certified in Google Analytics

Omnicloud- Web Analytics and Strategy

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The importance of traffic data is invaluable. Over the course of 4 weeks we have set up a Google Analytics profile tracking important KPI's custom to Omnicloud. This includes creating a custom dashboard capturing and analysing relevant traffic data for Omnicloud.

Physical Data Art

A workshop and exhibition lead by Stefanie Posavec, a London-based artist working across data visualization.

We created physical art using digital data, the focus was on global issues and how to change peoples’ attitude and behaviour with data art.

Game Of Me

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During six weeks we went through a module called “Me”, lead by entrepreneur and data expert Jesper Åström and Program Manager Sveinung Skaalnes.

We were tasked with creating an online game about ourselves, using our own creativity, incentives and data. Then we visualized the results and the data collected. Through the game, we learned about gaming and success factors in game design, incentives and motivations, and to explore legal and ethical boundaries while using personal and public data online.

Data Hack Fest

A fantastic party in the name of creativity. Together the class threw a Data Hack Fest, saw 120 brains participate in the 8 hour hack – and close to 200 gathered for the mingle and showcase. What a rush!

IRC Thinkin- #Save Sara

Together with the International Rescue Committee and idea shop Gyro, Hyper Island gathered 447 students at the campuses in Stockholm and Karlskrona to create, discuss and work on ideas for how to inform the world about domestic violence in developing countries.

We got divided in to groups and then had 3 days days to come up with a campaign idea. This is the idea my group came up with.