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Igor Martins

ProgramMotion Creative, 2014

Current OccupationFounder of UP - Inspiring Motion


Current LocationSão Paulo Area, Brazil

I'm a Brazilian motion designer based in Campinas - São Paulo. I'm focused in high technical quality and structured creative process. I believe in fairness, respect, valuing of people and constructive feedback. I don't like close-minded opinions, disorganization, and impersonal relationships. Background in Visual Arts from Unicamp (Campinas - 2010), and Creative Motion for Hyper Island (Stockholm - 2014) . Founder of UP - Inspiring Motion, a small online motion graphics studio, a network of designers working remotely for projects anywhere in the world.

Heineken's Thirst 2015 / VJ Loops in a 3D simulation

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These loops were created for a VJ set that would be performed in the "Heineken's Thirst 2015: We Are All Stardust" concert, which was unfortunately canceled in last minute by the authorities in Malaysia.

So I've created this 3D simulation to show the VJ loops synchronized to "Tiny Anthem - The M Machine", which is a great music and has no connection to Thirst 2015.


Client: Boompje Studio Motion Design: Igor Martins