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I-Chun Jean Chuang

ProgramMA Digital Management, 2014

Current OccupationService/Experience Designer @AKQA


Current LocationLondon, United Kingdom

I am a digital service and experience designer who gets a kick out of innovation and new market spaces.

Passionate about using story-building to reshape behaviour with all the characters in inventive and meaningful ways, I want to help businesses seduce the consumer into rich experiences across digital, emotional and physical spaces.

With tools such as future trend research and strategic design thinking, plus a knack for how data and emerging technologies shape behaviour, I stand in a multi-disciplinary space between the creative and the uber-analytical, beauty and science.

I enjoy swimming in uncertainty and open-ended challenges. Strongly believing in the power of teams, I aim to help people grow, find collective intelligence and push creative boundaries.

Hire me for opportunities in digital services, experience, products, and business innovation.

Hyper Island × TESCO SmartMove: a New Market Space

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BRIEF Harness new wealth for TESCO by using technology and data in a way that will disrupt the industry. Expand market space for maximizing customers' quality of life.

INSIGHT One-time, lifestyle altering choices optimize household resources more sustainbly and effectively than many small savings.

SOLUTION TESCO SmartMove, an eco-system facilitating home energy management with a twist. On household electrical outlets and appliances, it connects affordable wifi-sensors to talk to a social platform.

WHY TESCO enters the home space to help with better energy consumption behaviour 
using data to track, predict and recommend Enter other markets once customers trust them Encourage better energy consumption behaviour Visible and actionable recommendations that lead to better quality of life

AKQA × TUI WanderFund: Go Further with Your Budget

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BRIEF Elevate the TUI in-destination travel experience of digitally mobile customers from Scandinavia, UK and Germany, ensuring that they are the leading brand of today and tomorrow.

INSIGHT Young people today are time rich but money poor.

SOLUTION WanderFund is a mobile platform, in-destination solution that helps young travellers enjoy TUI's Specialist portfolio of activities by letting them crowd-purchase and crowdfund for activities that are normally out of their budget.

WHY TUI has the opportunity to expand its’ partnership network, in order to provide even more once-in-a-lifetime experiences for travellers.

We believe the WanderFund platform is adaptable to the pre-vacation planning stage in the customer journey.