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Henrik Johansson

ProgramMaster Class - Digital Acceleration,

Current OccupationProcess facilitator working with idea development, innovation strategies and learning

I am a graduated KaosPilot and works internationally as a process consultant in the fields of creativity and innovation. I work with organizations that wish to come up with radically new ideas and fundamentally want to leverage their creative capacity.

I have worked in various development projects for clients like Hyper Island, IKEA, The Singapore Ministry of Education, E.ON, Innovation Lab Denmark, The Swedish Institute and Idea Factory Singapore etc.

I am a funder and partner of & Fantastic Studios

My biggest passion is to facilitate learning and creative processes and to help groups to solve tricky tasks and become smarter together.

Right now i am working on my dream project of creating The Fantastic Studio a combination of a creative studio and a tropical retreat. The studio will be located on a remote lush island on the tropical Andaman Island.