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Heidi Hackemer

Current OccupationStrategy Director


Current LocationGreater New York City Area

talk: creativity + planning

I was very kindly invited to give a talk for Sweden’s Account Planning Group on planning and creativity.

I was really excited to give this talk – not long before I had quit my job at BBH, bought a big truck and drove around America for four months. this talk was fueled by that journey and all the things that came to mind when one takes a moment and steps away from the grind.

six items or less

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one hot summer day my brilliant friend Tamsin and I drummed up an idea: fed up with the hold that clothing had on our morning routine, we vowed to wear six and only six items of clothing for a month. after a bit of social media’ing around 100 people from around the world decided to join us. a few months later we had a global movement on our hands.

even if it hadn’t had been picked up by The New York Times, Good Morning America and press the world over, I would say that the experiment was profound: our relationship with consumption is rampant and if we are to participate in culture and lead our brands into true relevance in the modern age, we need to understand this (and understand how to change it).