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Gustavo Pereira

ProgramDigital Data Strategist, 2013

Current OccupationManager


Current LocationStockholm

I myself have found a real rival in myself

Graduated as a Journalist, post-graduate course on Digital Marketing. I was responsible for editing content in Brazil's biggest website, UOL, writing about cars, arts, movies, television, celebrities and even Big Brother (sad but true)

Worked as a PR for Warner Brothers and DHL Express in Brazil. Then decided to change fields and went to work with social media, with analyze data, strategy and content.

But decided there was so much more out there, just not Social Media. And that's how I found the island :)

Are you Hyper?

Medium are

An interactive infographic about the skills and feelings for the Digital Data Strategist 13 class before applying to Hyper Island.

One of the issues Hyper faces is that many people don't think they are good enough. And by showing our skills before coming to the Island and how afraid we were, we wanna take the fear away from future applicants.

Microsoft Windows Game of 8

Medium game8

With the new release of Windows 8 there are many new features and the interface is very different from its predecessor. It’s more modern and adapted, but at the same time it can be a challenge to learn how to move around the OS.

Introducing Game of 8: Learn how to navigate, manage your applications and set up your windows 8, in an action packed game through 8 stages. Get started with your social media accounts, and accessing files on SkyDrive. And find out what actually happened to the start menu-button…


Medium logo omnicloud

Task: Analyze client data for insights and develop future strategy based on Google Analytics. Also, we had to do a manual for future implementation on the HTML Code in case Omnicloud decide to change their website.


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MUZZ was Project developed at the Data Hackfest as a part of the Digital Data Stragist program at Hyper Island. MUZZ is a Spotify app that allows you to see where in the world people are listening to bands using heat maps.