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Gustav Nord

Current OccupationFreelance Producer


Current LocationStockholm


Educated Journalist & Media Producer. Further, investigations in Human Rights, Global Development and Intercultural Communications. With eyes shaped by swedish academics, folk high school pedagogics and unconventional Hyper Island ways I'm very open but critical. I believe in team work in groups that evolves and thrive from each other, that the best ideas derive from multiple brains. That's where real progress, results and goals will be achieved. I want to join people open to creative and changeable processes. I want to tell stories, show them. I want the stories to bring value to the viewer, add something to their daily life, potentially and hopefully change them.

HIMC confessions

Medium screen shot 2012 09 24 at 11.25.34 am

A six day production for Hyper Island. Producer, camera, interviews, edit. A Hyper Island Master Class testimonial. Stockholm, May 2012.

Lost Boys international

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A six day production for Hyper Island, in London. Producer, camera, edit. LBi invited their clients & the brand organisation ISBA to reflect on: how digital is affecting the marketing industry, the client-agency relationship & the value of collaboration. London, May 2012.

Data Hack Fest

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A three day production for Hyper Island. Producer, camera, edit. Hyper Island launched a Data Hack Fest, combined the collective intelligence of their freshest program, with a daunting lineup of talented, skilled and ambitious people - all dedicated to explore the possibilities of data and technology.

Atlas - I'm July Amanda

Medium screen shot 2012 06 12 at 10.12.36 pm

Producer & Director. A music video for the Stockholm duo Atlas and their song I'm July Amanda. Recorded at Gröna Lund. May 2012.