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George Hastings

ProgramInteractive Art Director, 2012

Current OccupationInformation Architect

NationalityUnited States

Current LocationWilliamsburg, Brooklyn NY


Life is a balance, and the way I approach the creative process: collaborating, concepting, strategizing, testing, laughing, iterating, designing, building, listening, shooting, editing, rasterizing, learning, pitching, fixing, starting over, having a beer, composing, dreaming, sketching, failing, succeeding, and appreciating it all at the end of the day.

SVT Playline

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Role: Concept, Prototyping, User Testing, Video Storyboarding/Direction/Editing

SVT Play, Sweden’s most popular streaming video service, asked us to create an improved user experience for SVT Play that allows viewers to watch and control content on their home TV. Time is a precious commodity so we needed to find a way to allow users to spend more time watching content than looking for it while also satisfying dynamic needs.

The SVT Playline is a new way to search and organize content for an enhanced and personalized TV watching experience. By combining the concept of a personal playlist and a scheduling timeline, the user can maximize their value of time spent with TV. Playlines can be made in two different ways: users can drag program titles into a playline to which SVT will push new content every time it's watched. Or, users can navigate within programs to add specific content/clips for a one-off watching experience.

Samsung Breeze

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Role: Concept, IA/UxD, Sound Design, Logo, Video Editing

Brief: How can Samsung demonstrate the value of 4G mobile internet through a product or service with a focus on relationships?

Solution: The user experience of a phone call has remained unchanged and unimproved for years despite the massive innovations within the device itself. What if you could have seamless access to all the capabilities of your phone pushed to you without leaving the call? What if you could input data in the most natural way, a conversation with a friend, family member, or partner?

Samsung Breeze runs discreetly in the background picking up voice recognized meta data that link directly to a web or in-phone functions. Using semantic data relationships, it intuits the needs of the user and brings the desired information or function in real-time using the incredible 4G speeds. There is also an open API, so developers can create their own uses... the possibilities are limitless.