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Fernando Weno

ProgramInteractive Art Director, 2012

Current OccupationRecruiter Agent


Current LocationBrazil

my main goal is to make people smile.

Half portuguese, half japanese, born and raised in Brazil. Maybe this explains why i love mixing ideas, people and culture.

This passion led me to a gap year in Sweden to attend Hyper Island and connect with a bunch of creatives worldwide. That's the same reason i capture insights on sketchbooks, Instagram, Facebook, Vine or the next big thing. I just love creating, as you can check on Linkedin, resumé, portfolio.

Call me creative strategist, visual thinker, UX whatever. It doesn't matter the title, as long as i can create meaningful experiences. I've been challenged with various briefings, budget and brands (Stella Artois, IKEA, Budweiser, to say some).

Digital or not, my main goal is to make people smile.