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Felipe Camara

ProgramInteractive Art Director, 2012

Current OccupationCreative Strategist & Innovation Lead


Current LocationAmsterdam Area, Netherlands

Work to make positive change.

When I started at SuperHeroes my professional challenge was to start-up the strategic department and its offers. After a couple of years, my work is a mix of business development, entrepreneurship and creative strategy.

In 2015 I kickstarted a new business unit called SuperPowered (superpowered.io). The purpose of this new unit is to bring existing clients and prospects into connected ecosystems; the internet-of-things. Check it out and join us!

LG - So Real It's Scary

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We kitted out an office elevator floor with a grid of nine IPS monitors to test if office workers would believe the floor was falling out from beneath them. Well it worked. They got the shock of their lives, and we proved without a shadow of a doubt that the IPS monitors are indeed, ’So real its scary’.