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Erik Jonsson

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2009

Current OccupationArt Director


Current LocationHoxton, London, United Kingdom

It all started for me for real when I got hooked on Cyberpunk in the mid 90s. When we replaced our Ataris with pc's I got into designing ansi/ascii for the modem powered bullentin board systems along with doing grapics for the party driven demo scene. Spent most of school doing pixel graphics and music spun up on the hype around Spray & Razorfish.

So fresh out of graduation I jumped on my first job as a designer in the spring of 2000. Saw the boom and the crash. Spent some time working Cafe's during the slow years. Got bored with that and started my own company in 2006 to capitalize on the upturn.

Applied to Hyper Island to study in digital media program. I guess i wanted to tap in to whatever art school vibe I felt i missed out on spending years doing corporate design.

I got an internship at Your Majesty in New York the summer of 2008, when they offered to get me on full time i stuck around. Staid on through 2011 and moved over to London to join Stinkdigital in 2012.